More than 1800 carbon and Hepa replacement filters compatible with all brands of ductless fume hoods,fume cabinets,recirculating fume hoods,vented storage cabinets and forensics containment products such as Captair,Air Science,Airclean,Safelab, Misonix, Bigneat,Chemcap, Astec, Labcaire, ...
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Maintenance services provided by Asura

Maintenance services provided by Asura


Our Asura network is made up of partners who provide maintenance services for our ductless recirculating fume hoods and cabinets.


This way all the technical functionalities of your devices are inspected by experts. 

This network, guarantees the operational quality of your ductless fume hoods, weighing stations, vented storage cabinets and other enclosures based on the filtering principle.

technicien maintenance Asura


maintenance Asura

Our Asura network provides all types of maintenance services.

Whether your need is preventative or corrective, our network has the experience and resources necessary to verify that your devices are working as they should, using exclusive testing procedures and protocols that comply with current safety standards.



Asura services may vary by region
Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our network of local partners.

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