More than 1800 carbon and Hepa replacement filters compatible with all brands of ductless fume hoods,fume cabinets,recirculating fume hoods,vented storage cabinets and forensics containment products such as Captair,Air Science,Airclean,Safelab, Misonix, Bigneat,Chemcap, Astec, Labcaire, ...
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asura filters

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Asura is the filters and maintenance department of Erlab, leader in ductless fume hoods for more than 40 years. offers a large range of high-performance carbon filters for your lab’s ductless fume hoods and filtering storage cabinets. The activated carbon filtering technology, which provides protection again chemical inhalation risks, is developed by Erlab’s own R&D laboratory. We then manufacture filters that are compatible with equipment for many worldwide brands; including Airclean, Misonix, Labconco, Misonix and many more.

Take advantage of Erlab’s 40+ year expertise and purchasing power to dramatically reduce maintenance costs for your ductless fume hood. 



Asura is:

  • Easy: in just a few clicks you can receive a high-quality product at a lower price
  • Competitive: The ERLAB group's purchasing power allows us to manufacture ASURA filters at ultra-competitive prices and to significantly reduce maintenance costs for your device.
  • Fast: our production methods allow us to deliver in just a few days 
  asura filters



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