More than 1800 carbon and Hepa replacement filters compatible with all brands of ductless fume hoods,fume cabinets,recirculating fume hoods,vented storage cabinets and forensics containment products such as Captair,Air Science,Airclean,Safelab, Misonix, Bigneat,Chemcap, Astec, Labcaire, ...
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Study of your handlings
Study of your handlings

Study of your handlings

Erlab Safety Program, A long-lasting commitment by erlab® to the safety of the operator


We guarantee your safety

The quality and performance of our filters are not the only valid conditions for effective and sustainable protection. A predictive assessment of each filters' lifetime makes it possible to plan for its future replacement.


At the end of this scientific review you will be able to:

  • Receive the most suitable product for your safety needs
  • Know how often the filter will need to be replaced
  • Continuously monitor your unit’s usage




laboratoire erlab asura

Understanding how you use your hood will help us to determine the best filter for you … 

This is why we offer you a complementary service to match a to suit your needs. Jus t let us know your handlings and our laboratory will analyze the interactions between evaporated molecules and Asura filter capacity. This step allows us to answer precisely to your safety needs.


This long-standing commitment on our part provides you with an optimum level of protection and requires no commitment from your side! 
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