More than 1800 carbon and Hepa replacement filters compatible with all brands of ductless fume hoods,fume cabinets,recirculating fume hoods,vented storage cabinets and forensics containment products such as Captair,Air Science,Airclean,Safelab, Misonix, Bigneat,Chemcap, Astec, Labcaire, ...
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Asura Filters quality
Asura Filters quality

Asura Filters quality

Each Asura filter is subject to a quality control step, which ensures the traceability of its production cycle.


All our filters are identified by:

  • A serial number
  • A manufacturing date
  • A packaging date


An inspection certificate is provided with the delivery of each of our filters.



We also take particular care with the packaging of our products in order to guarantee that they arrive in perfect condition for use or for storage. Each filter is packaged carefully in a hermetic bag and is protected by an additional cardboard packaging, which is specially designed to protect the filter during shipment.
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